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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First event of 2010: Fedora 12 installation.

Year 2010 came in with the new batch already in SLIIT. Talks for a 'FOSS introduction event for freshers' were there even before the dawn of the new year. And these talks grew up in to an actual event on 20th Wednesday.

Event brochure.(Design: Praneeth)

I went on stage with bit of a hesitation since I was away from public events for nearly three months. When I walk in the lecture hall 501 (Malabe), it was half full. I started off with 'a brief history of FOSS' and stepping towards Fedora 12 installation demo. Still the crowds were flowing in and after a short while I was addressing literally a houseful event.

(Photo: Hasaranga)

It was a great pleasure to see such a good turn up in the first FOSS event of the year. Such a pleasure won't be ours if not the great help from 1st/2nd year lecturers who informed students about the event and even one lecture canceled (that is so much of help). And also the help from the senior lecturer Mr. Nuwan Kodagoda is greatly appreciated.

With the motivation we received from the first event, we are in the process of planning few other events. Especially one for SLIIT Metro campus students, hopefully. Just stay tuned :) .


Praneeth said...

1st SLIIT FOSS session in 2010.
i was a great success.
btw lot of thanks for chanux to missing all important Curtin lectures be there to do it. :)
Hopefully. Hoping to do the same soon :D

Lets move ahead with Organizing event for metro students soon.

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