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Saturday, October 10, 2009

SFC achieves a lot in SLIIT Achievers 2009.

This is a far too late post. But still it should be here just because it is special.
We, SLIIT FOSS Community, have finished a really successful event at SLIIT Achievers 2009 exhibition.

SFC took the ownership of the free stall offered to lug.lk/foss.lk (Thank you Ms. Shalinka ) and made it a flashing event among others, in my Humble Opinion.

Nalin demonstrating GNU/Linux to school students
(photo: Praneeth)

We gave out free CDs full of FOSS and other technology related stuff, thanks to the ICTA sponsorship (Thanks Ms.Karthiga of FOSS.lk for the arrangements). Our members did a great job doing introductions, demonstrations and even troubleshoots to help the nice people visited our stall. And we shouldn't forget the help of LUG and TLC members Kunchana, Shahi and Dileepa.

The stall had great feedback from the visitors as well as the community. We were so much excited to see the enthusiasm of the people who visited and we are more than proud to be the owners of such a great event.

Event crew in the stall.
(photo: Praneeth)

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who helped in many ways to make the event a success. And of course you, who visited the event and talked to us, encouraging the team to do more.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

FOSS introduction event in SLIIT.

After a short period of silence... OK let's face it, it was quite a long period... we are back in the process of making some noise about FOSS in SLIIT-sphere. It was in our TODO lists for quite some time, the need of a FOSS introduction event for the newcomers, yes the 2009 batch. After a lots of chit chats, arrangements & rearrangements here we are with a possible FOSS event again in SLIIT.

It'll happen on coming Wednesday (25th March 2009) from 10.45 A.M onwards at lecture hall no: 306, SLIIT Malabe campus. Mr.Suchetha Wijenayake, who has always been kindly in help with our past events, will address the event. Though I used the word "Address" there, it'll be more of a friendly talk which would make everyone feel good enough to ask any kind of a FOSS related question. I swear on my experiences.

There have been many newcomers looking for a way to join with SLIIT FOSS community. I hope this event will be a good chance to gather all the enthusiasts & keep the community going forward even stronger. Someone who want to get in conversation even before the event happens can use following resources to keep in touch with the community.

The SLIIT FOSS community forum.
The forum is based on SLIIT courseweb so Only the SLIIT students who have access to the courseweb can join the forum. Just go and checkout. Share your ideas or maybe questions.

Fossified email.
Yes we have an email and it is fossifed [at] gmail [dot] com. You won't get a lightening fast reply but this is a good way to contact us. And the best thing is anyone can use email :) .

The IRC channel.
Well.. this might sound new or may be goofy for some of you & at the same time some others will be excited. we have an IRC channel for SLIIT on freenode.net which is for now not very active but I hope things will soon change as more SLIIT folks get to know about this. The channel is #sliit any one can visit it on your browser through mibbit web client Freenode webchat (Just choose a nick an join).

Ok, enough said. You just keep us busy making emails, forum posts & chatting on IRC. And don't forget the event on wednesday.
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