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Fossified is the (un)official blog of SLIIT FOSS community. You will find all the information related to SFC including events and other FOSS related articles.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

About FOSSified...

SLIIT FOSS Community
SLIIT FOSS Community is the wall hole of all FOSS enthusiast students in SLIIT. It started in 15th augest 2007. In it's short career the community has conducted several events, workshops & teaching sessions to promote & teach FOSS in SLIIT & also outside the SLIIT. The event hosted by SLIIT which served Dr.Richard M. Stallman as the chief guest was organized by SFC with aid of ICTA & it's known as the biggest FOSS event ever happened in Sri Lanka.

The Blog
The foss.sliit.lk titled as FOSSfied is the (un)official blog of SLIIT FOSS Community. The main intention of the blog is to help SLIIT students to stay in touch with FOSS world. Besides that very goal, being the interface between SFC & any external entity is also a main goal of this blog. That very fact will help SFC to interact with external FOSS communities too. Ultimately the blog will help SLIIT students to better involve in FOSS.

FOSSified - The Magazine
FOSSified is the title originally proposed for the magazine planned to be published by SFC. The magazine is still in production & the ooth edition will soon appear on this blog as an electronic edition. SFC is looking forward to get it on printed media in near future.
Though the SLIIT administration closely inspect student activities, it should be noticed that this blog & other SFC realted activities are organized & handled by students in SLIIT FOSS community.


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